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The cuisine at Corte Bracco dei Germani: is creative, tasty, seasonal and innovative in the tradition of excellent quality.

Experimentation follows in the footsteps of tradition and of Mediterranean taste in order to create a mix of simple flavours in a combination which appeals to the palate. It is a cuisine that invigorates the senses: beautifies the decors, intensifies scents and enhances flavours. To see a dish and taste its contents is an experience that amazes and satisfies.

The cuisine marries the aesthetic: every food has a shape, a colour, a decoration, and is adapted to the plate that receives it and emphasizes its beauty.

Distinguishing itself over the years for creativity and refinement, combining recipes from regional Italian tradition with accents of ethnic taste in a fusion of flavours, following the evolution of taste, and the search for new products, CBG has maintained attention to quality and the craft of cookery.

The use of semi-finished products is prohibited; everything is made in-house and the house adds to the flavour.

Excellence is assured by the use of materials of the highest quality selected with love and professionalism to create a cuisine with simple and immediate tastes as well as unusual combinations.

The menu follows the seasons, and of the seasons lend their scents and flavours.

CBG is conscious of  special dietary requirements and offers personalized cooking proposals: from an intimate family meal to a gala dinner, from a classic wedding to a buffet, from a cocktail party to a brunch, from a coffee break to a light lunch.

Our proposals vary according to the number to be catered for, always respecting the established budget.

Corte Bracco dei Germani founds the natural cooking school PerCorsi di Cucina e Alimentazione Naturale - Apulian Natural Cookery School in 2015.

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