corte bracco


The Corte Bracco dei Germani style is to realize events and to create an atmosphere to satisfy the most demanding of gourmands and gratify the most sophisticated aesthete. The key to its success; receiving guests with courtesy, guiding them with professionalism to realize their dreams are.

CBG proposes multi-form and varied solutions to its guests to escape the cliché: served lunch or dinner for the traditionally minded, a great buffet for more dynamic, a cocktail party for more informal guests, set in the splendid banqueting hall or in the charming Mediterranean garden.

Silver service and white gloves to give shape to the formality, fiandre and damascus for romantic tables, china and crystal for a sophisticated mise en place, flowers and candles for evocative atmospheres, a string quartet and a DJ for unforgettable moments. Unusual choreography and sweet trolley as part of a buffet: a barbecue for sea-food kebabs and small souvlaki, flambèd fish and meat, oysters and shellfish, sushi and deep frying, cheeses and jams, in a combination of Mediterranean colours, scents and flavours of a creative tasty cuisine that is never banal.

And to conclude, the pastry of CBG.

A large selection of sweet temptations: semifreddi, tarts, soft cream cakes, sponges, mousses, crepes and ice creams and delicious handmade pastries. Our great technical-logistic preparation allows us to serve great numbers of guests in a short time.

At the most important events CBG assures excellence of quality and its superior service for perfect unforgettable receptions and meetings.

Our Wedding Planning completes the mosaic with the most precious elements of style direction for 360 degree advice and fashion selection for a customized service to propose exclusive and personalized solutions.

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