corte bracco


Built adjacent to the outbuildings of the Monastero, it constitutes a fully functional system which is extremely flexible through the alternation of closed and open spaces.

The planning of the project has lead to the reversal of the relationship between outside and inside spaces present in the ancient structure.

Great importance has been given to the new garden reminiscent of the cloister in a convent and which is enclosed between the new construction and a system of pergolas, which are monumental in their dimensions and extension.

The Resort is devoted to accommodating events.

The garden, by simple landscaping, the use of dry stone walls in local stone and the presence of water features, provides a variety spaces and becomes the central element that can be crossed to enter the different rooms, or admired through the large glass doors.

The system of stone terraces, accompanies guests to the downstairs poly functional hall place.

The conference hall, illuminated with natural light is modular and assures flexible spaces which are equipped with the latest technology to satisfy a wide range of needs, from a convention to a gala dinner.

The Resort was planned to accommodate a large banqueting hall and stand comparison with the Monastero built in stone, as such it adheres with great rigor the principles of monumental architecture starting from the covering of the walls.

The sequence of the spaces that make up the grand hall is marked by with cross vaulted ceilings supported on stately square pillars.

The banqueting hall opens onto the garden which provides a green backdrop, through large arched glass doors.

The size, geometric rigor and choice of the precious natural materials for the parquet and the vertical stone covering also confer on the new structure the majesty and refinement of great ancient structures while maintaining the design of contemporary architecture.

Project: Studio SAARI

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