corte bracco


Originally a Monastery of the Padri Minori Osservanti, built of stone?? and local limestone between the Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries, it has been faithfully restored the completely respecting its original style and history. The old cellars and basements, ice room (in which snow was stored) and the oil-mill have been saved.

The building has different levels and has been furnished with ancient collections of ceramics, tapestries aubusson, candelabras and antique furniture and in a more recent past with modern furniture and design pieces, that confer a refined and welcoming atmosphere.

The heart of the Monastero is the splendid white stone paved courtyard , giving access to several rooms: the Fireplace room, the Arched room, the Tapestry room, the Ipogeo room (excavated cellar) and the guest suites.

The building is surrounded by a luxuriant Mediterranean garden, equipped for receptions and banquets in the open air.

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